Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Car

We went to look into buying another car for our family today.  It is a hard job just to find out what payments will be.  We started out before lunch and finished up around 4:30 and I still have to go Monday afternoon to sign more papers.  The salesman told us we may be able to get a lower interest rate on Mon.  Anyway this is my tale of buying a new car.

I have known for months that we were going to need another car since Matthew is going away to college next fall.  I have been looking on line and on the actual lots for an SUV or a car.  I could not make up my mind what I wanted.  In March we rented a Nissan Altima to travel to Washington in.  I liked the car very much and it got great gas mileage.  I started leaning toward the Nissans after that trip.  One day last week I heard that our local Nissan dealership was running a special with 0 Down and low interest rates so I decided I wanted to check them out. 

Well they kept trying to sell me a brand new 2013 car and I knew I could not get the payments where I needed them to be.  I finally point blank asked them if they had any pre-owned cars even though I had mentioned that I several times that I would be interested in them.  Well he then looked at the pre-owned cars and came up with several and I liked one of them.  They said it would take about 5 minutes but ended up taking about 45 minutes.  I had already waited several hours earlier while they were trying to get me in a new car.  The salesman finally said he wanted e to sign some paper and come back on Monday and they may be able to get a cheaper interest rate.  The whole process took almost 5 hours.  I am worn out now.

I will still have to get a tag and do the insurance thing.  I know I will have to pay the car payment (which we have not had a car payment for about 4 years) and probably about $150 or more a month on the insurance.  I will have to add Matthew to our insurance too.  So on top of $380 payment and the $150 for insurance I will be paying out $530.  I hope we can handle this.