Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I am redeemed because Jesus paid the ultimate price for me.  He was tortured, beaten, ridiculed and nailed to a cross for my sins.  I often wonder what I would do if I was put into his position.  Could I withstand the pain that he went through?  During this season that we celebrate his birth I have been doing a lot of meditation about birth and death.

We all are born to die just like Jesus was.  The difference is he died for our sins so that when we, as Christians, die we will go to heaven to be with our Lord and Savior.  Jesus knew the time and place that he would be crucified.  I wonder what went through his mind or what I would be thinking if I knew the exact time I will die.  I would waste no time is spreading the gospel and trying to tell everyone about God.  Why do we hesitate with all kinds of excuses today?

In the last month there has been several people that I know that has gone to be with our father.  Our first reaction is to cry and be upset but we should rejoice that they have been called to heaven.  I am looking forward to dancing and singing as I walk through those pearly gates.

I hope everyone had  a very Merry Christmas and that we all remembered to tell Jesus Happy Birthday.

*In full disclosure I was provided with the products in this post to use and help me write about the story of Redeemed. They can be purchased at Dayspring. All opinions here are my own and in no way influenced by their contribution.

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