Friday, November 30, 2012

Frustrations and Random Things

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems you can't work fast enough?  Today has been one of those days for me.  The morning was a normal morning but about noon things changed.  I tried to get my deposit done so that I could leave when everyone else left but I think everyone in the school needed something done. I asked for help but no one had time to help me.  I also had a parent come in to enroll their child and numerous checkouts.  As it turned out I did not get to leave for over an hour after everyone else left.  I still had to stop at the bank to make the deposit too.  I am thankful that I have a 30 mile drive so that I could have a different frame of mind by the time I arrived home to my family. 

I am getting up in the morning very early to set up at a yard sale.  Why don't you come down to see me?  The hardest part is packing everything up but I like the rewards of making extra money.  I have a very busy day as I also have a Christmas Party to attend.  In the middle of all of this I want to listen to the Alabama vs Georgia football game.  I really want Alabama to win so I am rooting for them.  Roll Tide!

Another random thought is how close Christmas is.  I love Christmas time but hate the commercialism that goes along with it.  I dread all the money that is spent for toys and gifts that is not wanted, brakes, or pushed to the side in a few weeks.  Why can't it be a gift to represent a birthday gift for Jesus?  Most people do not even think about what Christmas is suppose to represent. We all need to read in the Bible about the birth of Jesus again to remind us how the traditions of Christmas was started.

OK, enough rambling for today.  Take care and God Bless

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