Monday, November 12, 2012

      We went to Tuscaloosa today for a visitation to the college.  I did not realize how large the campus is.  We did a lot of walking, heard some interesting information and saw some beautiful sites.  Having lunch in The Zone was awesome too. 

      Matthew is considering going to Alabama next year.  He still wants to visit some other colleges before he makes his final decision though.  He has already applied to Alabama and has been accepted.  If he decides on Alabama and he gets to stay in the dorm that the engineering students stay in he will be staying in the same dorm as the football players. 
     I am excited about this new adventure for Matthew but at the same time I am scared to death.  I hope I have taught him the right things about life so that he can succeed.  I know I am not the perfect mother and I may have not taught him everything but I have tried to do the best that I know how.  I am afraid that it isn't good enough still.  I am just going to let God lead him and do a lot of praying.  :)



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