Sunday, November 18, 2012


     Now is the time when everyone is giving special thanks for everything in their lives.  We are acknowledging to everyone these things. I personally tell God everyday that I thank him for this or that but during this season I will post for all to see what I am thankful for. One thing I really am thankful for is being able to gather together with my family for Thanksgiving.
     Yesterday there was 18 adults and children in my little house spending time together and eating good food.  We celebrated Thanksgiving early because on the actual day many of us would not be in town.  My sons, Michael and Matthew; my daughter, Melanie; my daughter-in-law, Amy; my mom and myself all took part in the fixing of our dinner.  My sister, Judy and her family came over which we do not see enough of.  This is what was left of our turkey.

     God gives us our families and we should show our love and appreciation for them.  We do not get the option of choosing who our families are, God gives us who he thinks is right for us.  The older I get the more I appreciate who I have as family members.  That doesn't mean that we always get along but I do love them.

     So never forget to give thanks to God for what we had, have, and will get.  We are nothing without God.


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