Saturday, February 2, 2013

No Phone

Have you ever been without your cell phone after it has been your best friend for years?  I am facing that right now.  I am totally lost because my phone decided to die today.  I have lost an important part of my family.

It started this afternoon as I was leaving work.  I picked up my phone and it would not come on.  I thought it was because the battery died so I changed batteries.  All it will do is act like it was rebooting its self.  I tried all the way home to get it to boot up and it wouldn't.  I went to Verizon before I came home to no avail.  Verizon could not revive her.  I am just so sad over the loss of my phone. 

I have tried to come up with a solution so that I can just have a phone.  I travel 60 miles a day for work and feel safer having a way to contact someone if something goes wrong.  I also sell Avon and all my customers need to have a way to contact me to make the income.  Not to mention my family needs to be able to contact me.  What if something is wrong with my elderly mom, or my husband, or my children?

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